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Ideas to Make Your Bar and Venue Stand Out

Operating a bar appears simple until you own one. However, there are ideas that you can apply to make it outstanding in your neighborhood. Party-goers want to attend bars with exceptional venues and beautiful features that impress them. Here are some ideas you need to consider. Audiovisual Systems (AV) Audiovisual systems determine the fun that…

Guide to Using Bars As a Venue for Your Party

Whether you are having an office party, or you are hosting a celebration where you will be drinking alcohol and listening to good music, doing it in a bar is more convenient. You will have a bartender on standby to take care of your drinks, and you will not need to worry about music equipment…

The Beatles, Shea Stadium, 1965

Famous British rock band The Beatles gave one of their most memorable performances on the 15th of August, 1965, when they performed at the Shea Stadiu

How to Recognise a Great Bartender

No matter if a person walks into the elegant atmosphere of a Hilton’s roof garden cocktail bar or into the local family pub, everybody expects to be granted a great customer service, as this is an essential part of the enjoyment and fun of going out. Serving excellent drinks is as important as knowing how…

Harry’s Bar in Venice

Cipriani S.A. owns Harry’s Bar in Venice, a bar situated at Calle Vallaresso 1323 in Italy. The bar was opened in 1931 by the bartender Giuseppe Cipri

Wembley Stadium

The Wembley Stadium is a football stadium located in Wembley, London. The original stadium construction was finished in 1923 and was designed original


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